Chicago MFT/Biotics “Energy Clinic Experience” Event

$ 250.00

Date and Time

Sat, October 3, 2020

08:30 AM - 05:30 PM


In our new Two-Tiered educational format for MFT, this will be our first scheduled live event since the COVID-19 Outbreak. Due to Social Distancing requirements, the event space requires that attendance will be limited to the first 35 qualified MFT Practitioners.

To qualify, attendees must have completed the MFT Basic Training, either through prior attendance at a Live Event or through the new MFT Online Academy.

For information about the MFT Online Academy, email MFT Practitioner Support at: www.morphogenicfieldtechnique@outlook.com



This MFT Energy Clinic Experience class is adapted to the skill levels of both Basic and Intermediate participants, so the class will be beneficial for most who wish to attend. Demonstrations and practice are a large part of the class. The goal is that you, as a practitioner, are able to benefit from having a personal energy experience as you “Follow the Energy”, create large and balanced M-Fields and review the information taught in the MFT Online Academy.


Basic and Intermediate Procedures will be reviewed throughout the seminar as attendees are tested and will include:


·         The muscle testing experience using the Morphogenic Field (M-Field)

·         “Microtesting Problem Energies” in difficult cases

·         Utilizing the M-Field for “Social Distance” and “Quantum Distance” Testing

·         Using the M-field to find “Off-the Body” energies to address specific clinical complaints

·         An introduction to “Energenomic” concepts (Energetic Genomic Testing)

·         “Energy Experience” the two newest MFT Kits: “Cell Cytokines” and “Biotics Express”

·         Experience “Super Fields” and the Energenomic energies used to create them

·         Cytozymes and their increasing role using new MFT technologies

·         MFT Research: Utilizing advanced Heart Rate Variability to objectively prove MFT concepts

·         Important information about MFT’s new “Online Academy” for unlimited access to MFT Education

Morphogenic Field Technique

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Chicago MFT/Biotics “Energy Clinic Experience” Event

Courtyard O’Hare Airport Marriott 2950 S. River Rd

Des Plaines, IL 60018