Kauai, HI - Morphogenic Field Technique Intermediate Seminar for Biotics

$ 275.00

Date and Time

Sat, February 15, 2020, 08:30 AM -

Sun, February 16, 2020, 12:30 PM


Morphogenic Field Technique stands out as a comprehensive and non-invasive approach to truly natural healing. It is based on the principle of energetic communication made possible through a combination of muscle response testing and measurement of the extent and balance of the body’s biological field, or M-Field. Through a streamlined, sequential process, the practitioner pinpoints energetic issues specific to the patient, then matches their "problem energies" to energetically-based solutions. The objective is that the individual’s energy field should be full and balanced at the end of the procedure, with no remaining energetic issues showing at the end of the testing. The premise of MFT is that Energy = Matter. If you address the energy first the result will then be reflected in the matter. 

Creator, Frank Springob, DC, has been practicing this procedure for over nine years with a substantial resume of successful MFT outcomes. With over 500,000 patient visits over 43 years, Dr. Springob is a highly respected, innovative healer. With the help of his MFT teachers, he travels the country educating other health care practitioners on the value in listening to the body and following the energy.

Anyone can learn the technique and there are various levels of depth to be mastered as one might imagine. As proficiency is gained, the entire procedure can be accomplished in five to seven minutes.

The content of this class will be adapted to the skill levels and experience of participants, so the classes will be truly beneficial for any who wish to attend. Demonstration and practice is a large part of each class, and the goal is that you as a practitioner, begin utilizing these procedures immediately.

Basic Procedure will be taught on Saturday. Subjects will include:

  • The Science behind the Morphogenic Field and simple ways to explain it to your clients.
  • Epigenetics- the basis for which we practice MFT
  • The basics of muscle testing and muscle testing with the Morphogenic Field (M-Field)
  • Addressing foundational nutritional needs from the energetic perspective
  • Finding and solving immune challenge energies 
  • Understanding environmental and food-based toxins 
  • How to energetically grade the concentration of many common environmental toxins affecting the patient and watch the levels diminish as the case progresses.

Intermediate will be taught on Sunday. This will be clinical information. Subjects will include:

  • The nature of the M-Field
  • Using the field to address specific clinical complaints
  • Special Situation
  • Nutritional and herbs for hormonal imbalances
  • Cytozymes and additional support
  • Methylation
  • Phases of helaing

Check out our website for more information: http://morphogenicfieldtechnique.com/

Morphogenic Field Technique

Our foundations are rooted in quantum physics; we use Einstein’s theory that energy and mass are interchangeable. Mass and energy are two different forms of the same thing, li...

Kauai, HI - Morphogenic Field Technique Intermediate Seminar for Biotics

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