San Diego, CA - Morphogenic Field Technique Unplugged

$ 150.00 - $ 350.00

Date and Time

Mon, March 9, 2020

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM


This class is for our Advanced Practitioners. Designed to give you clinical concepts. We will teach you how to incorporate all of our test kits including our *NEW*  Biotics Procedure. This class is not product specific and we will be combining all the products we use in clinic to achieve the most accurate protocols. This class will be different then our past Unplugged events.

Here is more of what you will learn-

Our New "Brain Rejuvenation" Procedure using BioResonators- We getting amazing results using this new procedure designed to smooth-out brain function over time. After introducing the concepts and the science behind it, you will learn how perform the steps to begin implementing this life-changing process.

Energenomics™- Energy and your Genes. With our New SNiP's kit we have uncovered gene expression at an energetic level. You will be amazed at how accurate MFT is when you incorporate this procedure it to your practice. Along with this we have a Biotics Methlyation pillar to help find faster protocols. 

EMF's- How do they affect the field and what we can do about it? With the new 5 G getting ready to be released we need to educate and protect our clients from the potentially devastating effects.

ANS Regulation- We are designed to live 80% of our life in parasympathetic mode and 20% sympathetic. Sadly, most American are switched and are in constant "running from the predator in the jungle" mode. You will learn how to use the M-Field to down-regulate this over sensitivity in the nervous system with our MFT programmed Bio-Resonators. 

Endocannabinoid system- This very intricate system is now in the spotlight. CBD products are the new rage and like any product, it can be overdone. Learn the difference between Hemp and Marijuana, state rules, and most importantly, quality of the products (what does the field think about it?)

Oxidative stress- Origins and practical solutions.

Positive Emotions Technique- Using essential oils to unblock emotional pathways. This is our most requested technique

M-Field Awareness- Because you cannot see the M-Field it is easy to underestimate its power. In turn, thinking becomes linear. This segment we will bring you into the awareness of the M-Field with energy exercises, stories and science.

Morphogenic Field Technique

Our foundations are rooted in quantum physics; we use Einstein’s theory that energy and mass are interchangeable. Mass and energy are two different forms of the same thing, li...

San Diego, CA - Morphogenic Field Technique Unplugged

Doubletree Hotel Circle 

1515 Hotel Cir S,

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